How does IPL skin rejuvenation work?

The acronym IPL stands for intense pulsed light. IPL is heat and light facial therapy. Using a computer-controlled machine, each IPL treatment starts with a test patch performed by an experienced IPL technician. To establish what setting best suits the skin conditions, the machine is set for the skin type and client comfort. The broad-spectrum light is applied to the surface of the skin, when ready, the IPL technician fires a shot. Most clients describe this feeling as a slight rubber band flick to the skin.

The skin then absorbs the light converting it to heat. This brings new life to cellular tissues such as collagen and elastin. These fibres are stimulated to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation or capillaries that contribute to the appearance of rosacea.

IPL is also an effective treatment of acne skin type. The light therapy targets the bacterial layer under the skin to fight the infection directly, reducing the formation of active acne cysts and treat acne scar hyper-pigment.

Who is IPL skin rejuvenation suitable for?

Fair skin type are the best candidates for IPL skin rejuvenation treatments. Dark or deeply tanned skin is not suitable for IPL skin rejuvenation treatments.

How many treatments do I need?

For best results, 4 consecutive IPL therapy treatment performed once every 2 to 4 weeks is recommended. 

What specific skin problems does IPL treat?

IPL skin rejuvenation is highly effective in treating sun damage pigmentation skin conditions. Superior results can be achieved in treating facial redness, rosacea and hyper pigment acne scarring. Further benefits of IPL skin rejuvenation treatments, is the stimulation and production of collagen, and improved pore size.

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