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The Sodashi Philosophy

Sodashi skincare seeks to nurture and celebrate each individual’s unique beauty. Every time you use Sodashi, it serves as a reminder that you are beautiful, that you are appreciated and that you are worthy of a nourished life.

A Sanskrit word, Sodashi means wholeness, purity and radiance. With wholeness, we seek to nourish the skin’s needs on every level. With purity, we make the commitment to blending the purest unadulterated natural ingredients with love and intention. When we say radiance, our aim is to deliver beautiful, radiant skin for everyone.

An elevated natural experience, Sodashi skincare takes a holistic approach to beauty that transcends skin care; it is a total experience that works to nurture the mind, body, spirit and emotions. Our extraordinarily unique formulas and exceptional ingredients deliver healthy radiant skin.

Pure Ingredients / Transparency

We believe in holding ourselves to very high standards in terms of choosing ingredients and formulations that support our health. Not one synthetic chemical is used in the Sodashi manufacturing process and no products are ever tested on animals.

We are completely transparent; we stand by each and every one of our ingredients and the processes that go into hand crafting our products. Every single ingredient is listed on the label.

Glow-inducing skin care

Sodashi’s glow-inducing skin care delivers immediate and ongoing results, helping to brighten the skin tone and target fine lines and wrinkles – leaving skin smooth, even and luminous. Sodashi is safe enough for our daughters and powerful enough for those of us seeing the effects of time.

The unique formulas smell light, clean and botanical because they are formulated using the purest therapeutic botanical extracts. The subtle natural aromas and delicate textures make them irresistible to touch and smell. A delight for your senses.

Standing the test of time

Founded in 2000, Sodashi has an absolute commitment to quality ensuring that Sodashi products and treatment experiences are distinctive, valued and enduring.Our extraordinarily unique formulas, exceptional ingredients and artisanal approach to deliver high performance skin care has stood the test of time.

Beauty with Intention

A key ingredient in Sodashi skin care is the intention that goes into the product; the working day includes time when as a team we meditate together to ensure that the energy going in to making the product is the best it can be.

Ayurvedic rain melody is played in the laboratory to cleanse the space where our luxurious highly active skin treatments are made.

Small Batch Production

We have a small-batch approach to beauty; each product is lovingly crafted on our own premises and each batch is a one off production.There is no compromise on the ingredients; we guarantee what goes in and importantly what stays out.

No two batches are identical because each natural ingredient differs on a molecular level depending on the harvest; the soil, the climatic conditions, the air quality, all have an effect. The differences are to be celebrated.

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