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We are a CLEAN BEAUTY SALON with only natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free skincare, makeup and treatments — for the health-conscious person who desires a luxe beauty experience and loves to take care of themself beyond just skin-deep.

We don’t believe you need to use harsh chemicals, synthetic ingredients and treatments to have a radiant, dewy complexion. No. We believe that glowing skin is the result of a healthy and nourishing lifestyle, clean beauty products, and science-backed skincare. 

In all of our beauty treatments we focus on preserving the integrity of the skin, and nourishing it over the long-term — always using safe ingredients — instead of harsh treatments done quickly and poorly.  

We seek to empower and educate our clients — teaching them about the positive impact of using clean beauty products, having a non-toxic lifestyle, cultivating whole-body wellness, and embracing holistic health.

Our chemical-conscious approach to skincare extends beyond our treatment menu, the products we use, and the brands we support — it is a part of our wider philosophy, and so we use primarily natural, non-toxic cleaning products in our salon.

We also care deeply about the environment and the impact of waste on our planet — which is why we use biodegradable packaging wherever possible and support environmentally-responsible brands.

About The Owner – Sevine Forster 

On behalf of my gorgeous team at The Facial Hub (Hamilton), I just wanted to take a few seconds of your time to thank you for trusting us to take care of you.

I have what feels like a life-long fascination with the skin, with how every part of our story plays out in what we see, and the ability for our skin to showcase the very raw and real beauty that exists in every one of us.

As the driving force behind the vision of The Facial Hub, I studied Beauty Therapy in 2002 in London, starting my career in a boutique salon located in Mayfair on Marylebone High Street parallel to Harley Street.

Driven to fuel my fascination with the collision of science, the human body, and our skin, I made the decision to return to Australia to study – and completed a degree in Bio-Medical Science in 2010.

What I found next though was that I couldn’t find a role where I could bring my vision to life – where I could truly care for my clients in a space where I could bring together science, therapeutic beauty, and a love for building relationships with people. It simply didn’t exist.

I knew exactly the experience I wanted to create, and armed with international experience and qualifications in Bio-Medical Science, I went in search of a business which could provide the foundation for bringing that vision to life.

That business was a beauty salon purchased in April 2011.

Which has grown and evolved with our clients.

We are The Facial Hub.

And we are looking forward to getting to know you.

With warmest regards,

Sevine & The Team

The Facial Hub x

For more information reach out to our beautiful team at The Facial Hub.