Deep Cleansing Facial

Following a deep cleanse, exfoliation and extractions, a potent purifying mask is applied to the skin for up to ten minutes. Finished with a skin hydrator and sun protection. For congested, acne prone and dull skin types.

$90, 40 minutes  Buy Now

ORganic classic Facial

A fresh twist on a well loved favourite, for that healthy glow. The exfoliate is applied to a carefully cleansed skin to revitalise lacklustre complexions. Decadent oils work harmoniously with our firm signature massage, finished with a balancing mask and skin hydrators.

$140, 60 minutes  Buy Now

Signature Facial

If you are craving a sophisticated facial ritual with results, this is the start of a new experience.

Following a deep breathing practice, hydrating cleanse and an exfoliation, the deep nourishing mask is applied for up to 20 minutes.

Integrating the holistic ingredients natural and organic skincare, and our signature firming massage allows your body’s energy to flow. Treating numerous skin conditions, these facial rejuvenation Brisbane treatments are tailored to each skin type restoring true beauty, balance and skin health.

$220, 90 minutes  Buy Now


Hydrating Eye Treatment  $20  

Hydration Booster  $20

Intense Hydration Booster  $40  

Express Microdermabrasion (face only) $40  

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