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Fill and thicken sparse brows for a floorless finish everyday.

Our resident Cosmetic Brow Artist, Claudia has over 7 years experience as a brow technician. Claudia loves to work with your natural facial features to design a brow shape that will suit your individual style. Make your morning routine quick and easy with perfectly finished brows that will last.

$595, allow 2-3 hours 

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Perfection revisit, this is to top up any ink fall out from your initial appointment, must be taken within 12 weeks.

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Juliette Neilsen

Claudia was amazing! She was super professional and made me feel incredibly comfortable. Claudia explained everything that I had asked about. I’m very excited to see Claudia again and visit The Facial Hub again.

Top 10 Benefits of Cosmetic Brow Tattoo Brisbane

Cosmetic Brows Tattoo has several methods such as microblading, hair stoke or ‘feather touch’ all which use a small blade or fine needle to create a ‘hair’-like’ look. Ombre and powered brows are created with a tattoo machine and have a darker finish to look like brow makeup.

This delicate technique creates effortlessly natural and beautiful brows that require absolutely no maintenance or upkeep for months. Our brow technical Claudia strives to be Brisbane’s best cosmetic brow tattoo artist for permanent makeup that won’t disappear when you shower, swim, or ball you eyes out.

If your brows are patchy, lacklustre or over plucked, cosmetic brow tattooing is a great way to give them life again. The best part about cosmetic brow tattooing is that when you find an artist you love, it’s often hard to tell if you’ve had any tattooing or microblading done at all – just a beautifully natural look day after day.

Top 10 Benefits of Cosmetic Brow Tattoo:

  1. Fuller, enhanced, defined brows for many years
  2. Doesn’t harm your natural brows
  3. Save you time and money
  4. Natural looking results
  5. Gives long lasting results
  6. Hassel free
  7. Treatment in painless
  8. It is safe
  9. New brows in around 2 hours
  10. Suitable for diverse skin types

Aftercare for Eyebrow Enhancement

Proper care following your enhancement is necessary to achieve the best results. You will be given an after care sheet on the day of your treatment to take with you. Please review the following instructions and refer to them as necessary. If during the healing process you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact Claudia directly; hello@browinkbyclaudia.com

You may experience the following symptoms for 4 days

Minor swelling and redness.

Mild tenderness.

Itchiness in the eyebrow area.

Dry flaking skin.

These symptoms are a normal part of the healing process.

Daily care to follow for 7-10 days

Bephanten Antiseptic cream is recommended for use on brows twice daily for healing and colour retention.

No exercise for 3-4 days following the procedure.

No sweating, saunas, hot tubs or steam rooms for 5 days.

No ocean (salt or pool water) for 10-14 days.

No retinol/vitamin A products on the forehead for 30 days.

Important notes

Remember, your selected colour will be stronger and more sharply defined for up to 10 days after application but as the healing process occurs the colour will soften and lighten and look more natural.

The approximate healing period is 10-14 days, however healing can be prolonged if your immune system is compromised, if you are generally stressed and also by poor diet.

Keep in mind that in many cases, some unevenness of colour is to be expected. This is the purpose of the re-touch adjustment visit allowing us to fine tune your enhancement (within 12 weeks of the initial treatment), however if you do not attend your scheduled re-touch appointment you will be charged for any further treatment. Cancellation notice is always 48 hours.

Long term care

Use a good sunscreen. Sun exposure will fade your permanent cosmetics.

We recommend Brows be maintained every 18 months for a fresh colour boost.

Touch up 

Within12 weeks of your initial appointment. 

COSMETIC BROW TATTOO Frequently Asked Questions

This is a common question that is not easy to answer. Cosmetic tattoos generally last between 1-3 years. The permeance of a cosmetic tattoo depends on many factors; individual skin type, medical conditions, the colours used, etc. Colours do fade over time, and we usually recommend a touch-up every 2-3 years. 

There is some pain involved in cosmetic tattooing but it can be controlled. The level of pain felt does depend on the individual’s pain threshold. Topical anaesthetic is used for the brows and this usually helps to numb or soften the pain. 

Essentially they are the same in the essence that they both puncture the skin and deposit pigment resulting in a ‘permanent tattoo’. But the method of deposit and depth of colour implanted do differ. The machines used are usually different to allow for more of a shallow pigment deposit. Cosmetic tattoos usually do not penetrate the skin as deep as body tattoos and the colours used are usually more tailored to the face. 

We ensure all of our equipment are 100% sterile. Most parts of the equipment used to make contact with the skin are disposable and prior to use you can view them in their original sterile packaging. We then carefully dispose of all the used parts following the treatment. We adhere to the QLD Government Health and Safety regulations. It is up to you to take care of the treated area appropriately post treatment to ensure the area is kept sterile and clean during the healing phase. 

We take your skin tone and desired results into consideration prior to choosing a colour and we aim to match the colour you have in mind to best suit your completion. It is important that you are aware that colours do change post implantation. One same colour can be used on 20 individuals with all twenty resulting in different colours. This is due to the fact that many different things such as the following can affect the final colour;

  • your skin undertone
  • skincare products used
  • sun exposure
  • acidic based products
  • skins cellular composition
  • failure to adhere to the aftercare instructions

Immediately after the treatment the colour will be brighter, deeper an more vibrant than the desired colour (also, remember that the skin has been scratched too). Up to 60% of the pigment can be lost within the healing phase. As the skin heals, the colour will become softer and lighter. We recommend to wait at least 6 weeks before judging the colour. The colour tweaking can be addressed in your adjustment appointment 6-12 weeks post treatment.

There are a few important factors to take into consideration prior to undergoing treatment. Please carefully read the information on this page, if you have any additional questions do not hesitate to contact your artist directly. Cosmetic tattoos can last anywhere between one year to twenty years, depending on the individual skin type and initial colours used. Retouch will be required 6-12 weeks post initial procedure. Certain skincare products and facial procedures, such as acid (glycolic and AHA’s) based products, retinol, peels, sun exposure and laser treatments can fade tattoos. Colours will change and fade naturally overtime as well, even when the upmost care is taken in colour matching; taking all of the relevant factors into consideration, it can be difficult to predict if one will have considerable complications with the colour. This is due to the fact that many different factors as mentioned above that can affect the final colour. 

Black pigment is never used on brows; black pigment is used for eyeliner only and can result in a bluey hue. 

Colour bleeding in cosmetic tattooing is where the colour lightly spreads out of the designated area. Even though this rarely happens (in less than 1% of clients) it is important to be aware of this prior to the procedure. This is why we insist that you should be calm and relaxed through the procedure to ensure the pigment is deposited at the correct angle. 

Make sure the area that is going to be tattooed is healthy, hydrated and at its optimum best as this will ensure rapid healing with the least complications. Healing time differs in individuals. It can be anything from 4 days to 14 days. The majority of clients resume work the next day and manage to keep their tattoo discreet. Dependent on the area tattooed, redness, dryness and minor swelling can occur. Swelling usually subsides within a couple of hours. Itchiness is the first sign of healing, please ensure you do not itch the area and keep the area moisturised as scabbing and itching will cause patchiness within the tattoo. 


Cosmetic Brow Tattoo 

Fill and thicken sparse brows for a floorless finish everyday. Working with your natural facial features to design a brow shape that will suit your individual style. Make your morning routine quick and easy with perfectly finished brows that will last.

$595, allow 2-3 hours

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Touchup Brows within 12 weeks of the initial appointment 

Perfection revisit, this is to top up any ink fall out from your initial appointment, must be taken within 12 weeks.

$149, allow 1-1.5 hours

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Questions About COSMETIC BROW TATTOO Treatments

If you are interested in Cosmetic Brow Tattoo in Brisbane and simply have a question for one of our friendly staff simply send us an email or give us a call, we would love to hear from you.

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