We are a CLEAN BEAUTY SALON with only natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free skincare, makeup and treatments — for the health-conscious who desires a luxe beauty experience and loves to take care of herself beyond just skin-deep.

We don’t believe you need to use harsh chemicals, synthetic ingredients and treatments to have a radiant, dewy complexion. No. We believe that glowing skin is the result of a healthy and nourishing lifestyle, clean beauty products, and science-backed skincare. 

In all of our beauty treatments we focus on preserving the integrity of the skin, and nourishing it over the long-term — always using safe ingredients — instead of harsh treatments done quickly and poorly. 

We seek to empower and educate our clients — teaching them about the positive impact of using clean beauty products, having a non-toxic lifestyle, cultivating whole-body wellness, and embracing holistic health. 

Our chemical-conscious approach to skincare extends beyond our treatment menu, the products we use, and the brands we support — it is a part of our wider philosophy, and so we use primarily natural, non-toxic cleaning products in our salon.

We also care deeply about the environment and the impact of waste on our planet — which is why we use biodegradable packaging wherever possible and support environmentally-responsible brands.

Our Values:

  • Education – We believe that knowledge is power — and we share our expert wisdom with our clients and community.  Our therapists share beauty and skincare advice freely in our consults, and we educate our readers on our online platforms.
  • Personal Touch – We believe each client is a fresh start, not like the one before, and we treat each client as a new person – working to help with their specific skin concerns with the utmost attention and care. 
  • Connection – We aim to connect with each client individually, and go beyond “skin-deep”. We care about what’s important in their lives, and how that might be impacting their skin’s appearance; our therapists look at the client holistically to assess their skin.
  • Experience – From our online presence, to how we welcome our clients to the salon, to the treatment itself — through to how we handle bookings, re-scheduling, and promotions — our client experience is super important for us. We set ourselves apart by offering second-to-none client care and warmth. 

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