Deep Cleanse Promo $79

Eye Lash and Brow Colour • Brow Shape • Deep Cleanse Facial

+Add nourishing eye treatment $20
+Add enzyme radiance exfoliation $20
+Add plant collagen mask $40
SAVE $71

We are a CLEAN BEAUTY SALON with only natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free skincare, makeup and treatments — for the health-conscious woman who desires a luxe beauty experience and loves to take care of herself beyond just skin-deep.

We don’t believe you need to use harsh chemicals, synthetic ingredients and treatments to have a radiant, dewy complexion. No. We believe that glowing skin is the result of a healthy and nourishing lifestyle, clean beauty products, and science-backed skincare. 

In all of our beauty treatments we focus on preserving the integrity of the skin, and nourishing it over the long-term — always using safe ingredients — instead of harsh treatments done quickly and poorly. 

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