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Beauty Blog

Welcome to our beauty blog!

This Beauty Blog has been created to educate and connect with you outside of our busy facial boutique. A beautiful space to share all things clean beauty, media mentions, industry awards, hosted events, the charities we align with and all the latest know hows from The Facial Hub.

The Facial Hub founded by Sevine Forster, lives into her true values. Offering clean beauty, non toxic facial treatments, skincare and addressing the whole person.

So how is it that Sevine has an abundance of knowledge that she’s itching to share with you?

Where did she come from and what are the aspects of her background?

Well, before you drive head first into our beauty bloggers world, we feel there’s a few things you ought to know about us.

It only take a quick glimpse at how Sevine is where she is today to see where her holistic approach to beauty comes from.

As if, over 17 years industry experience wasn’t enough, having worked with countless skincare brands, being internationally trained and qualified; she also had to complete a degree in bio medical science.

After living and working in Chelsea and Mayfair London, Sevine returned home in search of more knowledge and further studies.

Feeling lost and uncertain after uni, she was quietly managed a salon when the opportunity came about for her to purchase the business.

8 years later, Sevine says, the business chose her.

Enjoy the tonne of knowledge as Sevine shares her passions through this beauty blog! x