Feather Stroke Brow Tattooing at The Facial Hub

Feather Stroke Brow Tattooing

At The Facial Hub our Feather Stroke Brow Tattooing service gives you natural brows without make up. 

Have you ever found yourself in utter early-morning chaos trying to get to work on time? You’ve rushed your beauty routine and perhaps not given your brows the attention they need and deserve.

By midday, you catch a glimpse in the mirror and notice in horror that your brows are not sisters at all but merely distant cousins. Perhaps your pencil has smudged, one is longer than the other or even darker. If this is you, The Facial Hub can be your saviour.

Today, there is so much more of an emphasis on achieving the ‘on fleek’ brow look, but this often consumes an unnecessary amount of time each morning to perfect – not to mention causing unwanted stress and frustration.

achieving the ‘on fleek’ brow look

With so many products on the market, it is also difficult to find the perfect shade and texture to truly sculpt your brows.

At The Facial Hub, we use the revolutionary technique of Feather Stroke Brow Tattooing to achieve a natural, long-lasting effect. Our intention is to create a natural, defining look to compliment your features – something that eyebrow pencils and powders fail to achieve. With the use of a micro-blade stroking technique, pigment is placed in the top layer of skin to achieve a soft, feathered effect. Essentially, it is compared to semi-permanent, high definition makeup that plumps and shapes thin or sparse brows.

After the initial appointment, a follow-up refill must be booked within 6 weeks to maintain the flawless look. We swear by this technique as it aligns with our holistic beauty and skin philosophy – to alleviate the toll of everyday stress on our skin’s youthfulness, and ultimately on our wellbeing.

With our signature Facial Hub brows, you can wake up with one less thing to do in the morning and step out with confidence knowing that you will have a bad brow day again.  

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