Looking For Brisbane’s Best Facials?

Brisbane's Best Facial

Looking For Brisbane’s Best Facials? In a city such as Brisbane, how would you know where to find Brisbane’s Best Facials? In this beauty blog we share our recent media review with Style Magazine. Take the stress out of your day with a The Facial Hub treatment. Achieve that post facial bliss you’ve always been dreaming of! With a holistic, modern and therapeutic approach to beauty services… make over your mind, body and spirit.

Our team, at The Facial Hub combine traditional practices and contemporary innovations to deliver a range of experiences for your health and wellbeing.

We were recently featured in Style Magazines. Where To Experience The Best Facial In Brisbane with our signature facial being described as an experience that connects all facets of the mind, body and spirit. Our signature facial encompasses our ongoing approach to delivering a nourishing facial that is unlike any other beauty experience. This facial concludes with a gentle rose quartz gau sha massage; activating your bodies natural energy and restoring your physical and emotional wellbeing.

In the busy work week we often forget to allow ourselves to unwind. Stress and anxieties from work, home and family life can often take over and we experience little rest and recovery time.

That’s where The Facial Hub can help you to nourish your skin and connect your mind, body and soul. Experience a cleansing facial ritual, deep nourishing mask; wind down with a gentle rose quartz gua sha massage to produce a glow that is beyond skin-deep, a radiating a beam of youthfulness. We aim to provide an experience rather than a service; a tranquil outlet to feel truly in the moment and nourish your body, mind and soul.

Gift vouchers for our services, including facials, take the stress out of winding down for the week.

Allow some time for yourself this week and wind down with The Facial Hub’s signature facial, $220, allow 90 minutes.

For more details contact our beautiful team at The Facial Hub.