Mother’s Day Facials

Mother's Day Facials

Mother’s Day Facials

Mother’s Day Facials are the best. As a woman, does it really get any better? Personally, I really enjoy being a woman!

There are so many special roles in life that we, as women, take on. We are daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, friends, carers, companions and so much more. We have a special nurturing quality that only women are lucky enough to possess.

This Mother’s Day at The Facial Hub, we are celebrating ALL women. Because ALL women make a difference to the lives of those around them by simply being there and being their unique selves.

No matter how busy we are juggling the many roles in our lives, we find the time to help those around us. We cannot help but give our time, care and love to the people in our lives. Mother’s and women make the seemingly impossible, possible each and every day. We find balance in the challenges and instinctively know where to channel our energy.

This intuitive nature can sometimes start to overwhelm us when our ‘cup’ starts to empty. Hence why it is so important for all women, especially mothers, to take time for themselves. To recharge our batteries and indulge in acts of self-love. It is too easy for us to become consumed in our day-to-day lives and not take an hour or two each day to fill up our own cup. We can only give to others when our own cups are overflowing.

Give a special woman in your life (or yourself) the chance to relax, pamper and recharge this Mother’s Day with our Signature Facial (allow 90 minutes, incl. breathing practices, facial massage, crystal therapy balance, singing bowl therapy, performance mask) or gift voucher. Treat her to real skin health. She will truly benefit from The Facial Hub’s holistic approach to facials.

For more information, or to purchase a Mother’s Day Facial, reach out to our beautiful team at The Facial Hub.

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