Realskin Clinic Six Year Birthday: Our Story So Far

April 2017 marks six years since we took a leap of faith and started our beauty business adventure. What an incredible experience it has been so far! For our founder Sevine, the journey began long before 2011 when she purchased the business that is now Realskin Clinic. Sevine studied Beauty Therapy in 2002 in London, starting her career in a boutique salon in Mayfair. Her clients were busy, high profile. During this time, Sevine was educated by an advanced skincare line about the use of peels, ‘acids’ and advanced facial treatments. Igniting her fascination for bringing science together with beauty. Desperate to fuel her fascination with the collision of science, the human body, and our skin, Sevine returned to Australia in 2005 and secured a place in a Bio-Medical Science degree. After completing her studies in 2010, Sevine began exploring a string of roles where she could utilise her degree. However the opportunity to secure a role where she could bring together the scientific, therapeutic beauty, and her love for building relationships with people simply didn’t exist. She quickly realised that to live her dream, she would need to build the foundations herself.
Sevine knew exactly the experience she wanted to create, and armed with her international experience and her qualifications in Bio-Medical Science, went in search of a business that could bring her vision to life. In 2011, she purchased Madisons Beauty, a small boutique beauty salon located in Toombul shopping centre. Recognising a gap in the Australian market, particularly in Brisbane, Sevine took a calculated risk. She focused on indulgent treatments which were underpinned by science and introduced clinical facials.  A strategy, which resulted in exponential growth within 18 months, and the opening of a second salon within another shopping centre. As the salon continued to introduce a range of clinical and para-medical treatments Sevine realised the environment wasn’t right and the decision was made to change the business model to a Destination Salon. During 2014, the salons were consolidated, moved to beloved Racecourse Road location and rebranded to Realskin Clinic. The destination salon, we now know and love. Where we can offer an intimate environment to drive innovation in skin-partnership with our clients.

Realskin Clinic’s Philosophy

Each stage of our journey has been underpinned by our belief that the skin reflects everything happening in someone’s world. It has the power to alerts us to the signs of trauma, stress, depression, grief, the busy-ness of an executive woman or business owner.
The recognition of the importance of treating the whole person has seen us incorporate ‘holistic’ healing approaches in our treatments. Breathing practices, the vibrational rebalancing through singing bowl, and Reiki therapy are layered with powerful clinical and para-medical facial treatments. This ensures that we connect deeply with our clients to create ‘skin-partnerships’. It takes time to connect completely with our clients to achieve the results they want, and the results they need. It takes a real conversation to understand the impact of what is going on with the skin with our client, and what the back-story is that is creating the challenges they have. Here at Realskin Clinic we are committed to Real Conversations – Real Confidence – Real Beauty. We have come such a long way and certainly could not have done it without our beautiful, inspirational, real clients. Thank you all for your ongoing support, it means the world to us.