The League of Extraordinary Women Conference

What does International Women’s Day mean to you? For us here at Realskin Clinic we take this opportunity to celebrate just how far we have come over the years. We are curious, intelligent, passionate and we believe in divine beauty, and creating real conversations, we are champions for our clients. Each year the League of Extraordinary Women host their Run The World Conference. This conference is a place for successful Australian female entrepreneurs to connect, learn and celebrate their achievements. The founders of The League of Extraordinary Women aim to unite likeminded women in business to support and inspire each other. They found the support of women that ‘get you’ and your achievements to be invaluable and we couldn’t agree more. We thrive on real conversations, creating real connection. This March our Director, Sevine Forster, travelled to Melbourne to attend this year’s event. Attending the event provided a great opportunity for us to network with other successful businesswomen and learn about new technology to continue offering the best service for our clients. It was fascinating to gain insight into how so many women have used the power to technology to establish or grow successful careers.

Run The World: Tech-Formation

Run The World was Australia’s first ever all female, all day women in technology conference. The event centred around phenomenal guest speakers, panel discussions, and much more. We were lucky enough to hear from Co-Founder and CDO of Kabam Gaming, Holly Liu; social media influencer and serial entrepreneur (5 businesses), Gretta Van Riel; and global brand co-founder of STM Goods, Adina Jacobs. These incredible women have all inspired thousands of other women who, like us, are curious, intelligent and passionate about our chosen profession. There is no denying that technology is the way of the future. Especially in business. Even service based businesses like ours, will increasingly utilise new advancements within their business to provide clients with instant connections, updates and events. We are constantly striving to evolve our business to better connect with our clients.