Meet Dr Heber: Founder of Ultraceuticals

Dr Heber - Ultraceuticals
Let us introduce you to Dr Geoffrey Heber. Dr Heber is the founder of one of Realskin Clinic’s go-to cosmeceutical skincare brands, Ultraceuticals. Dr Heber is a cosmetic physician with a wealth of experience in non-surgical cosmetics medical treatments and cosmeceutical skin care and treatments. Having opened his own clinics in 1988, Dr Heber realised there was a huge gap in the market. There were very few options for high performance skincare products that were corrective (active ingredients), rather than cosmetic (maintenance). The research that continues to come from Dr Heber and his team, is one of the many reasons that Realskin Clinic has chosen to align its brand with Ultraceuticals. Ultraceuticals focus on uncovering up-to-the-minute combinations of effective ingredients in efficient formulations. Always maintaining a focus on delivering real, visible results for customers.

Dr Heber and the Ultra C Patent

Dr Heber Ultra C
A report by Dr Heber and his team in 2006, revealed highly innovative information about the use of and results from Vitamin C as a means of targeting wrinkles and fine lines. The effectiveness of Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) in treating wrinkles and fine lines is backed by scientific evidence. However, there are some challenges in utilising it effectively. It is acknowledged that Vitamin C is relatively unstable. When exposed to air, the solution undergoes oxidation and becomes not only ineffective, but also potentially harmful. Research has also discovered that in order to be effective, topical Vitamin C formulations need to be at least 10% strong. Otherwise they will fail to boost collagen synthesis. Evidence also indicates that the delivery system plays an important role in the effectiveness of topical Vitamin C. Ultraceutical’s research found that by applying a combination of water soluble and non-water soluble Vitamin C serums and creams increased collagen production in the skin. As a result, Ultraceuticals developed their Ultra C range of products. These products use pure and stable Vitamin C, unlike many synthetic derivatives on the market. This means you can be assured of the effectiveness of this potent ingredient. In addition, Vitamin C aids in the firmness, elasticity and overall smoothness and luminosity of skin as well as reducing discolouration (pigmentation) and wrinkles. The patented delivery system for Vitamin C with Ultraceuticals products greatly contributes to the . This type of research really goes to show that Ultraceuitcals is a brand determined to further advance the cosmeceutical industry. Here at Realskin Clinic, we love Ultraceuticals products because they are constantly evolving, scientifically tested and proven to ensure real results for our clients.