Skin Journey: Nicola from The Unrefined

Over the past few months, we have had the pleasure of meeting and helping Nicola from The Unrefined, Beauty, Health and Lifestyle blogger on her skin journey. Having struggled with cystic acne for years, we reached out to Nicola to see if we could help improve her skin health and confidence. Cystic acne is a severe form of acne that results in large, painful inflamed cysts and nodules on the skin. Without the proper treatment, cystic acne can be a truly painful experience both physically and emotionally. Here at Realskin Clinic, we have several treatments designed to treat cystic acne and give our clients renewed confidence in their skin. So far, Nicola has had four treatments with our Director, Sevine Forster. She has had two Ultraceuticals Skin Brightening Treatments and two Azyme Treatments. Nicola has also made the switch to Ultraceuticals for her home care routine based on recommendations from Sevine and is seeing great results!

Nicola has been documenting her skin journey on social media

A post from 18 weeks ago:

Skin_Journey_Realskin_Clinic “Me without make-up. Not going to lie – I rarely don’t wear make-up. I’m extremely self-conscious of my scars, pigmentation and pimples. When I first met Mitch I would wear make-up to bed, cover my pimples with a mask if I was in the bathroom and he saw me, and always wake up early before everyone else to cover my face. After speaking to so many beautiful ladies over the past year with insecurities about skin imperfections … You know what I’ve realised? Imperfections are beautiful. My confidence has definitely improved over the past few months and although it has a lot to do with my skin improving. It’s also to do with my realisation that beauty is being real.”

A post from 11 weeks ago:

Skin_Journey_Realskin_Clinic “FIRST good skin day in weeks! This is NOT a sponsored post. For the past three months, my skin has gone wild with break-outs and I know it is stress and hormone related. It really effects my self-esteem (to the point of not exercising or being social). Over the past month, I have made A LOT of changes and I am seeing some amazing benefits! I’ve started taking minerals, I’ve been visiting @realskinclinic (can’t wait to show you my experience), I’ve been using @ultraceuticals and I’ve been dealing with stress and anxiety in a new way (blog post to come). What I’ve realised? Hormones, stress and skin are VERY connected. How to deal? Work with these factors, not against them! Happy Saturday everyone! #feelingconfident

A post from 5 weeks ago:

Skin_Journey_Realskin_Clinic “It will never be perfect, but it’s improved immensely. Finally learning to embrace my imperfections and wear no make-up outside (biggest fear on earth ?). Thank you to every one of my followers for giving me the confidence to be me; acne scarring, pimps, fake tan, chalk skin, pigmentation, awkwardness, weird dancing and all! Thank you to @realskinclinic and @ultraceuticals for my Azyme peel/ skin journey and for helping me combat my pigmentation and break-outs. A couple of weeks after the initial treatment I thought my skin was going to stay the same but I am finally seeing some massive improvements!” Be sure to continue to follow Nicola’s journey on social media, website and YouTube channel.