Make your skin regime work for you

Making your home skincare regime work for you can be simple when you know how. Our resident beauty therapist Sevine Forster, sits for an interview to answer our questions about how to make the most of your home regime.

Firstly, some skin 101 tips to remember. Your skin is subject to change therefore it is important to use the correct skincare products for your CURRENT concerns. For example your skin will change with, the seasons, stress, hormones, environment (external and internal; swimming pools, ocean, skiing, and diuretics, alcohol, lack of water intake or even irregular sleep), medications and naturally with age.

Once you have identified what it is exactly that you’re experiencing, you can treat accordingly. Now that doesn’t mean throwing out all of the old and in with the new, lets reassess and have a seasonal clean out of your bathroom cabinet as you would with your wardrobe.

Bring all of your products out on your bathroom bench, assess what you have, obviously keep your stables. Check expiry dates, throw out anything that’s years old, its not going to work anymore and could potentially cause irrigation and strings to your skin. Anything thats cheap and you didn’t really see results with in the first place, out!

Now that you have your keepers, what are the changes you have noticed your skin currently? Is it that acne and breakouts are a issue right now with the warmer weather? Or your makeup is melting off? Do you have loads of anti-ageing products when all you need is a good mattifying moisturiser? This is where you may need to fill some gaps.

Generally, in winter we want more moisture on our skin, since the weather is dry there is less moisture in the air for our skin to draw from; heavier moisturiser, treatment masks and eye creams. Conversely, in summer; we want less moisture (choose a lightweight moisturiser, don’t stop moisturising), more vitamins, anti-oxidants, and SPF (it’s all about protection in summer).

So, you have a mask and you’re thinking, ‘I won’t use this for months now’, and it goes to the back of the cupboard and it’s never to be seen again. You’re next experience when purchasing a mask is, ‘It didn’t really work last time.’ but really it was just forgotten. Ok, lets keep hold of the mask and work out ways to utilise it. These are my tips for how to use your mask is summer; use it locally, just applied to dehydrated areas, use as a spot treatment, or saved your mask for a big event.

If you are finding your moisturiser is too heavy with summer, it could be used as your night cream and you would either use a SPF moisturiser or layer a lightweight moisturiser with an SPF.

Actives? I’m confused. I am hearing you. Actives or serums, are really where you are going to see the most results from your home regime. Lets work through this. If you are coming to the salon for regular treatments, you could be having AHA peels for breakouts or hydration. In order to continue these results it would makes sense to choose an AHA treatment serum for home.

If you already have both hydrating and breakout serums work with both. Through the month apply what your skin needs, it will tell you. Apply the breakout serum during ‘that time’ when the skin producing more oil and the hydrating serum after swimming or being in the sun, make sense? We can be masters at home. There’s no set and forget. If you do forget, please call our trained skin health therapist and we will gladly chat with you about your individual needs.