Embracing new health and beauty routines while accepting uniqueness is a quality to be admired in REAL women.

Our recent campaign at Realskin Clinic, Hamilton found that women across all generations are conscious of the effects of time and busy schedules on their skins.

Asking women to share their ‘real’ stories about ageing, lifestyle, social pressures and expectations while staying true to themselves delivered refreshing insights.

Real Women Winner – 21 – “In my 20s, I’m not trying to look younger, but I want to minimise premature aging now, so I can continue to enjoy great skin for years to come”.

Real Women Winner – 44 – “Skin needling and microdermabrasion ensure my skin looks fresher at the end of the day when my make-up has worn off.

Real Women Winner 53 –  “ I’ve noticed more people at work commenting that I look tired. This never happened in my thirties. It forms a false opinion of my ability to perform my job”.

Real Woman Winner – 42 –  “ My husband has no idea that I’ve had Botox! He has the idea that if you have Botox your face won’t move and you’ll look fake. He doesn’t realise it can be subtle!”

By sharing these stories, Realskin Clinic aims to inspire women to care for themselves in a more gentle and realistic way.

The ultimate message – Be kind to yourself. Every decade of a woman’s life represents a different kind of beauty.