Are you a REAL woman?

Real Women, Celebrity Skin Competition! 

Every decade of a woman’s life represents a different kind of beauty.

The youthful glow of a 20 year old, the life experience of a woman in her 40s or the carefree attitude of a 70 year old, all women have their own unique stories about what has shaped their lives.

They are real women.

How will you carry yourself through the decades?

Realskin Clinic at Hamilton is looking for women who represent beauty at any age to share their stories and help other women become real.

By taking part in the “Real Women, Celebrity Skin” survey, you’ll have the chance to receive a free skin treatment, makeover and photo shoot as well as the possibility of becoming one of the new faces of Realskin clinic.

Visit the Realskin facebook page and follow the competition link.

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