3 Skin Needling Myths ~ BUSTED!

#1. It sounds like it will hurt.  There are many types of devices on the market for skin needling, at Realskin Clinic we choose to use the latest technology from the USA, MDerma. We prepare the skin by first cleaning it and then applying a topical anaesthetic for 30 minutes, this is removed before the treatment begins, we use a gliding agent Serum Paradox on the skin that allows the MDerma to move over the skin freely without dragging on the skin and at the same time feeding your skin. The tiny needles move up and down so quickly that you only feel a light vibration, it’s like a massage, it’s relaxing and painless.

#2. What about the risk of contamination. Many of the skin needling technologies available are one time use only. With each MDerma skin needling treatment, a brand new MDerma tip is used, this new technology only allows for the tip to be used once, the design of the tip prevents any cosmeceutical or serum from going up and in to the back of the tip and like other technologies where you adjust the depth of the needle by turning the device, with the MDerma the depth of the needles is adjusted by turning the tip and not the device, this eliminates contamination even further, this is a huge advancement on safety from other technologies. #3. I have seen and heard some disaster stories of scratch marks and blood. Competed training with any medical device and certification are essential. Every skin type tells a different story and is treated this way when we skin needle. We look for the clinical end points we have been trained in when skin needling, like, erythema (redness on the skin) and pin point bleeding are visible to us during the treatment. With the MDerma downtime has decreased significantly, some mild inflammation and redness can be visible for a day or 2, however wearing mineral make up the next day allows for you to hide any visible signs of the treatment. The results on the skin once the course of 4-6 treatments has been completed are, tighter, brighter, dewy new skin. The tone texture of the skin takes on a new life, fine lines, wrinkles, scars decrease over time, crepy skin becomes tighter, pigmentation fades. Skin needling can be done annually 6 weeks before each birthday to keep your skin in the best skin health it can be.
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