This Australia Day choose to be sun smart

In today’s blog we will help you understand why it is important to use a non salon brand vs. professional salon sunscreen brand. Sun smart – Non salon brands vs. Professional Salon SPF All sunscreens contain ‘chemicals’. When we refer to the words ‘chemicals’ we automatically start to think, nasty. However the actual definition of the word chemical refers to, “Everything which has mass is a chemical. Any liquid, solid or gas.” (Reference; About Education, 2014, Anne Marie Helmenstine Ph.D.) Most ‘chemicals’ that are found in sunscreens are naturally occurring in nature, such as plants or wood for example. The difference between non salon and chemist brands compared to professional salon brands are these two simple things. 1 – Non salon brands tend to use cheaper ingredients and a lot of different ingredients. Whereas, with professional salon brands, yes, you pay more and for good reason, the ingredients are better quality and contain more of these ingredients which better absorb UVA and UVB rays. Therefore professional salon brands contain a higher concentrate of quality ingredients. Why would you want to eat fridge leftover fritters with loads of ingredients when you could eat one big juicy steak with a side of broccoli? 2 – Professional salon brands contain more ingredients that benefit and feed your skin. For instance, professional salon sunscreens work as an extension to your skincare. Skin benefiting ingredients such as, vitamin C and antioxidants to improve your skin health; would you really run 5km and then eat a pack of donuts? You could but it would be counterproductive, just as applying cheap plant ingredients with no skin health benefits to your skin after caring for it with other professional skincare products and treatments. This Australia Day choose to be sun smart, your skin deserves it! Here are the sunscreens we have at Realskin Clinic Ultraceuticals SunActive 50+ Face Cream, 60ml, $49 Ultraceuticals SunActive 50+ Body Lotion, 130ml, $49 Ultraceuticals SunActive 50+ Clear Body Spray, 180ml, $59 Doctor Babor Ultimate Protecting Balm SPF 50, 50ml, $78         Photo by Eva Rinaldi