Waxing Brisbane – Beauty Treatments

Gone are the days when pain justifies the gain of beauty. A variety of treatments and products are now available for everybody. No matter where you are in Brisbane, you can find the best beauty and skin treatments for you at Realskin Clinic.


The Benefits of Getting Skin Treatments Such as Waxing Brisbane

Beauty Esthetics is the process of applying different treatments to the skin to preserve its health and natural glow. There are many reasons why people, primarily females, visit skin clinics but the most typical is to achieve a youthful and healthy complexion. Some of the treatments you may have in mind are waxing Brisbane, facials Brisbane, IPL Brisbane, and laser hair removal Brisbane, all at the convenient day spa Brisbane location.


Waxing Brisbane

Waxing means removing unwanted hair at the root. You might choose any of the two types of waxing Brisbane: soft and hard. Soft Waxing Brisbane is used primarily on larger areas of the body like the back, chest or legs. On the other hand, Hard Waxing Brisbane is excellent for the underarm, bikini, or facial area because the process is less irritating especially to sensitive skin.


Facials Brisbane

Facials Brisbane is the one of the most common treatments performed by your specialist. We gain a good understanding of your skin before deciding on what the best Brisbane facial treatment is for you. There are many available facials Brisbane treatment to suit your needs such as clinical facials and skin health facials.


Day Spa Brisbane

Our clients visit our day spa Brisbane for both physical and mental health benefits. Some believe that the frequency of visiting day spa Brisbane correlates with fewer sick days, better quality of sleep, and all in all better health. Day spa Brisbane treatments are your quick and affordable means to alleviate stress and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere outside the daily grinds of life.


IPL Brisbane

Intense Pulsed Light or IPL Brisbane is a light therapy and uses a spectrum of pulsed light energy. The body absorbs the light and heats the dark hair, which then destroys and damages the potential for regrowth of your hair follicle. IPL Brisbane is one of the most advanced methods in hair removal, different from laser hair removal Brisbane. Your IPL Brisbane treatments will depend on your hair and skin colour.


Laser Hair Removal Brisbane

Unlike IPL Brisbane, Laser Hair Removal Brisbane uses a cosmetic laser which fires a concentrated beam of light primarily directed at the pigment of your hair follicles. Laser Hair Removal Brisbane treatment kills your hair follicle at its root, precluding them to grow back. Get silky smooth skin today and book your next laser hair removal Brisbane treatment today!

No matter what your skin needs are, we at Realskin Clinic set realistic goals and achieve real results for you. We provide the highest quality of tailored treatments for all skin types.