Ultraceuticals Clear Skin Launch Night in Ascot, Brisbane

Celebrate Clear Skin at the Ultraceutical’s Ultra Clear Range Launch Party! A new brand of skin care products is coming to Madison’s Beauty. We want to celebrate with our beloved clients. Join us for a demonstration of Ultraceutical’s Ultra Clear Range and of our always sophisticated customer service. You Are Invited Our Ultraceutical’s Launch night will be on Wednesday, March 25th starting at five o’clock. You can expect door prizes, a free sample of exclusive Ultra Clear Spot Treatment Lotion, and many more surprises. Our treatment demonstrations will give every guest a taste of our new skin care benefits. RSVP This Launch Party is full of exclusives and our supplies are limited so you must RSVP. Doing so saves your place. To reserve a spot at the launch call (07) 3268 5488. Give your reply, please, by March 5th. The first 20 people will receive a special bonus gift.
Madisons Beauty Launch Night, Brisbane
Ultraceuticals Clear Skin Launch Night in Ascot, Brisbane
Ultraceutical’s Ultra Clear Range Madison’s Beauty, led by owner Sevine Foster, has always been a provider of the latest and greatest aesthetic technologies. The Ultraceutical brand attacks acne in every form of development instead of just one. Science shows that acne goes through many cycles. If not all of these are treated, your pores can still become infected. Ultraceutical’s Ultra Clear Range decongests your skin, soothes inflammation, and reduces the odds of future breakouts. Ultraceuticals were created by Dr. Geoffery Heber so they are medical grade. They are also Australian made. We love supporting our country by using domestic goods. It is a product we can be proud of. Our APAN Endorsement The Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network is a community of learning for business owners, educators, and inspired employees. If you are in the beauty or aesthetics industry you should have a subscription. Their newsletter, APJ, is considered the educational authority on all industry related technologies and treatments. When science discovers a new technique, APAN features it. If a salon owner shows integrity or promise, APJ shares that person’s knowledge with the rest of us. Sevine Foster, owner of Madison’s Beauty, joined APAN in order to keep herself and her salon current as far as treatments go. She wants the best for her clients. Sevine read the editorials in APJ to be inspired by other salon owners like her. Now, APJ has chosen her to inspire others. Sevine’s interview centered around her three core values:
  • Commit to preserving the natural beauty of skin
  • Hire the most sophisticate and knowledgeable therapists available
  • Always deliver the highest level of service
From the very beginning of her successful career, Sevine has been hands on. She is passionate about science and the ways that advanced learning can help her clients. Passion is the fuel behind each of her core values. It is the reason she got into this industry. Sevine loves the job. Ultraceutical’s are the perfect new addition to Madison’s Beauty’s shelves. We invite you to come celebrate a line of product that upholds our every core value.