Amy from Houserules drops by Realskin Clinic for a visit. Find out more about Amy & Sean’s fitness business Front Foot PT!

A few weeks back we had the pleasure of meeting Amy Garrett from Houserules when she dropped by Realskin Clinic. It was lovely having her visit and share fitness advice.

Outside of their Houserules renovations involvement Amy and Sean are very passionate about their personal fitness business called Front Foot PT (, which places a central focus on “putting people back in control of their lives”.

While we love to indulge in facials, massage and gorgeous skincare products that beautify our exterior, it is also equally important to live a fit, active and healthy life so as we can take care of our inner health.

As we all know regular exercise and physical activity has a string of feel good benefits including; controlling weight, combat health conditions and diseases, improve mood, boosts energy, promotes better health, puts the spark back into your sex life, and can be fun.

While we are more then aware that these things are good for us, sometimes getting out there and getting started can be left for procrastination; hence why the motivational skills of a personal trainer can often by invaluable to kick start a healthier you.

The rewarding assistance gained by having a personal trainer is that they will listen to what you want to achieve and create a personalised plan for you that involve small, specific goals to achieve your ultimate goal.

Amy and Sean’s philosophy for Front Foot PT is that “one size doesn’t fit all and everyone has different motivations, needs and wants, the truth is everyone can achieve their goal, we are just the lucky ones who get to unlock peoples’ understanding of self and witness that achievement first hand! We believe in sustainable life change not a quick fix so our preference is to teach and enjoy our successes rather than blow a whistle, yell and hope!”

Front Foot PT create personalised exercise programs that include nutritional educations, designed especially for you to get YOU back on the Front Foot. Come train with Amy & Sean!